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Release date:Oct 23, 2013
Publisher:Keen Software House
Developer:Keen Software House

Buy Cheap Space Engineers (PC) on Wyrel

Fulfill your inner childs dream while playing Space Engineers on PC. Buy Space Engineers for PC on Wyrel and start building spaceships and planetary bases in space. Explore the open-world game and its endless possibilities.

Main facts about Space Engineers (PC)

The sandbox game has no limits for your creativity and exploration. Dive into the open-world game dedicated to construction, engineering, and survival, but remember that it all happens in space.

Reasons to explore this world

Space Engineers for PC stands out from the rest because it offers unique features and stories. Players purchase the game to build spaceships and space stations. While they get all possible opportunities to explore their creativity, they need to improve their survival skills, too. The game has very realistic graphics and physics. It means that after you buy the game, youll be able to play with any object and do everything to it: assemble, take apart, damage, or destroy.

Its impossible to resist trying this video game

Purchase the game to explore the volumetric objects and set off to the new adventure alone or with friends. The game offers both possibilities. In addition to the basic two features (creation and survival), this edition got tons of new elements and features like new scenarios, customized characters, workshop worlds, etc.

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