20th Anniversary Celebration of Beyond Good & Evil

6 months ago
20th Anniversary Celebration of Beyond Good & Evil

In a remarkable milestone in gaming history, "Beyond Good & Evil" is gearing up for its 20th-anniversary celebration, igniting fans' excitement worldwide. After an agonizing wait for the elusive sequel, enthusiasts have reason to cheer with the unveiling of the highly anticipated Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition.


ESRB Leak and Multi-Platform Release

The gaming community was in a frenzy on August 31 when Gematsu reported a leaked ESRB rating for the forthcoming "Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition." This unexpected revelation has taken the industry by storm, as the leaked information indicates a multi-platform release encompassing PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.


Uncertain Future of Beyond Good & Evil 2

While anticipation builds for the anniversary edition's arrival, a veil of uncertainty shrouds the much-anticipated "Beyond Good & Evil 2." Ubisoft's journey with the sequel has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, from its initial tease in 2008 to the official E3 2017 announcement of the game as a prequel. Interestingly, the game's trajectory shifted from a sequel to a prequel between 2008 and 2017, adding an intriguing layer to its development history. The last known update for "Beyond Good & Evil 2" hails from its 2018 E3 trailer, leaving fans in suspense for an extended period. Notably, the game has achieved a milestone of its own by holding the record for the most extended development cycle, surpassing the previous record of 15 years held by Duke Nukem Forever. As gamers eagerly await any tidbits about the sequel, the impending re-release promises to deliver a nostalgic and captivating diversion for seasoned enthusiasts and franchise newcomers.


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