A new bug in the popular game Diablo Immortal

a month ago
A new bug in the popular game Diablo Immortal

Gamers discovered A bug in the game. They shared their observations on Reddit, but the developer Blizzard has not yet voiced its opinion on this issue. According to the players, there is a bug in the game that reduces the XP that is received for most of the kills. Accordingly, XP is reduced for all players. One of the participants in the discussion, staple pies, noted that it is still not clear why this is happening. But there is some suggestion that the frequency/impact varies from zone to zone and most likely depends on the time of day. However, the exact cause of the bug has not yet been identified. It is only obvious that the error should be dealt with. As a rule, players get the same XP for a certain type of mob. And the bug can lead to a significant decrease in XP, sometimes, probably even as much as 50 percent.

The players supplemented their active discussion with screenshots and noticed that the company should pay attention to this problem. After all, only the developers have everything they need to deal with the bug.

As you know, the bright action game Diablo Immortal has gained immense popularity. The number of its installations exceeded 20 million. Today the game has already been released on mobile devices and computers. However, according to company representatives, the novelty will not be launched in two European countries due to laws against gambling and loot boxes.


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