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A photo posted by Xbox CEO sparks rumors

3 months ago
 A photo posted by Xbox CEO sparks rumors

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the upcoming game. User interest is very high. The Microsoft company's vice president of marketing of games Xbox puzzled gamers again. As you know, Aaron Greenberg is not the first time caused rumors. He recently posted a photo on his Instagram showing him having lunch with his co-workers. At first glance - nothing special. However, after seeing a sign with the incomplete name "Able," some players thought it hinted at the upcoming Fable reboot show. Soon Aaron himself denied these rumors.

The executive director said this week promises to be "fun." Players immediately thought of the Xbox video game conference scheduled for the beginning of the year.

So, during The Game Awards 2022, Microsoft existed at any large-scale video game announcements. Many fans expressed their concern regarding this situation. The VP of Marketing tweeted that his company has much more to show. And this year is going to be amazingly exciting. He also assured fans that they would not have to wait too long. All this caused a lot of discussion in the gaming community.

Last weekend, the rumors reached their peak. We hope to hear more exciting things.


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