Join Wyrel Affiliate Program and Earn 5% of Every Referral Purchase!


Are you searching for an extra way to earn cash from your social media or blog? The Affiliate Program launched by Wyrel team gives you an opportunity to earn money of every deal made by the invited referrals.

Every registered user may also apply an individual affiliate (partner) link.

By sharing this link, you may interest other people — for example, your social media community or subscribers — to join our website and buy or sell game-related accounts, top up cards, gamecards and other products in a clear and honest way.

If you become Wyrel affiliate partner, you will get 5% of every purchase deal made by the registered users who were invited by means of your affiliate link. How simple is that — promote our website, inspire other people to join our quickly-growing community and get money in a passive way!


How does our affiliate program work?

1. You need to register on the website. Check the FAQ section if you have any questions with registering a new account.

2. You may click the Affiliate tab on your personal account page. Here you will find the individual affiliate link. You will be able to check the statistics on your referrals and see the balance with your affiliate bonuses.

3. Promote our website in every legal way and encourage people to visit Wyrel with your personal affiliate link.

4. People who clicked the link, registered and bought something with the help of Wyrel website will bring you the profit. Even if they buy something in several months or years, you still get the profit, there no time limits for our affiliate partners.

An example how the affiliate program works:

A registered through your link user buys a gaming account on March 5. He or she spends $100 for this purchase. Several days later (on March 15), you check your affiliate balance and see that Wyrel sent to you $5 of this single deal.

5. You can withdraw your money from the affiliate balance. Use one of 100+ payment methods to transfer the money to your credit card or online wallet.

Wyrel Affiliate Program: benefits


We appreciate your time and effort — it takes less than 1 minutes to register a new account and get a personal affiliate link;

You get 5% of every purchase made by one of your referrals for a lifetime, without any limits;

We offer over 150+ methods to withdraw the money from your affiliate balance;

We always here to help you — go to the FAQ section; contact us via email; leave a ticket with your request in Resolution Center. Our Customer Support service works 24/7.


Where can you watch the affiliate statistics of your account?


Wyrel created the special tab Affiliate on the personal account page of every registered user. By clicking this tab you may see how your referrals act and what is the history of your affiliate balance.

Also, this is a place where you may copy the individual affiliate link for promotion. The Affiliate tab has a few sections you should figure out:

Reward Feed — the tab where you may check Date when the affiliate bonus was transferred to your balance. Another sub-tad is Amount — the sum of this bonus. And Reward ETA — the date when this bonus will be available for withdrawing;


Statistics — the tab where you may check Date when the affiliate bonus was transferred. Username/email — to specify the referral who made the deal that brought this bonus. Total Earning — the total sum of all bonuses of the particular referral for all the time he or she has been registered on the website;


Refflinks — this is the list of all links to your offers. The counter updates every time when the referral user clicks on these links.

There is also a counter at the right upper corner. It shows all referrals you managed to invite for all the time.  


How affiliate partners can increase their financial profit?


Advertise products and services available for sale and purchase on Wyrel;

Recommend Wyrel.сom to your friends, subscribers, social media followers, colleagues, business partners, etc.;

Share posts with the affiliate link to the hot and new deals on a regular basis, day by day;

Remember that bright colors and good texts attract more attention;

Check your affiliate status and balance, share it with other people and encourage them to become affiliates as well.


Do's and Don'ts:


 Do place your link to Wyrel on your personal blogs, websites and social networks;

 Do tell your friends, colleagues, followers and subscribers about Wyrel deals and share the link;

 Do help your referrals to register on the website and buy something;

 Do analyze the results of your work and check what kinds of ads work the best for attracting the new users;

 Do not place the affiliate link to the personal accounts of other partners of Wyrel;

 Do not post your link occasionally, instead — stick to the regular posts;

 Do not be a spammer who irritates people with annoying messages containing an affiliate link.


Become an affiliate partner of Wyrel and start earning money!


We tried to cover all basic aspects of our Affiliate Program. Right now, you may go and try by yourself how this programs works for you. If you have any questions left, please, feel free to contact us through the website in any convenient way.