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Announced the release of asymmetric multiplayer horror The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

3 months ago
Announced the release of asymmetric multiplayer horror The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

An exciting horror will be released on August 18 and available to players on PC and all generations of PlayStation. A new video trailer has just been unveiled. As it became known, a fierce war breaks out in the game between maniacs and victims. Players will be able to play both for the victims and for anyone from the family of maniacs. In total, the novelty will be three dangerous criminals, each with unique features. The victims of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre are also very diverse. For example, one of them can pick locks. And this skill is handy to the victim who wants to escape the trap.

So, the main task of the four victims, whose fate is unenviable, is to survive at any cost and try to escape from the house, where many dangers await them.

Note that the heroes' skills in the game can be pumped; it is also possible to interact with other survivors. The most cruel and dangerous killer will be the famous killer with a chainsaw. We will also meet a maniac named "The Cook," who, although very slow, can track down his victims easily. And a maniac named "Hitchhiker" compensates for his lack of physical strength with the ability to set ingenious traps. As you can see, you will not be bored with the game.

The publisher of the novelty, Gun Media, announced the game's release as part of The Game Awards. Sumo Nottingham was the developer of the upcoming horror.

In a tweet, studio publisher CEO Wes Keltner noted that the company has the rights to the 1974 film. And this is excellent news.

So, the upcoming game will be released on August 18 this year and promises to be exciting. 


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