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New Sniper Elite Game Was Announced

a year ago
New Sniper Elite Game Was Announced

Recently, British publisher and developer Rebellion has officially announced Sniper Elite 5 as part of the Twitch Winter Gathering broadcast - the next part of its popular sniper franchise. Released on the occasion of the announcement, the Sniper Elite 5 trailer lasts a little over a minute and shows several scenes from the upcoming action movie. It is reported that the video contains frames on the engine.

According to the developers, Sniper Elite 5 will offer "the largest and most atmospheric" maps in the history of the series and a new movement system that will open up additional strategic opportunities. The presented screenshots of the game look pretty good. The title meets all the best traditions of the franchise and it’s likely it significantly improved all the special mechanics which are making the series great.

The upcoming game will show players France in 1944. Karl Fairbairn, a professional sniper, will try to spoil the secret Nazi operation called Kraken along with the Resistance movement. Thus, players need to prevent the invading of Europe. For today, it’s going to be probably the most detailed and developed recreation of France in the Second World War.

In the future title, it was promised by developers to considerably improve shooting and movement features. Besides, there will be a possibility to customize the weapons. According to the studio, there will be numerous parameters that will allow to completely change any weapon and make a player the best gun for themselves.

For cooperative mode, players will be able to share ammunition and items, heal each other, and give orders to teammates. Furthermore, there will be different PvP modes including the cat and mouse game and others. The fans of the series are excited with announced multiplayer features and actively discuss them on forums.

The developers plan to make the Enhanced Kill Cam mechanic more realistic. This feature demonstrates the destructive power of the shot in the series. According to the developers, the game will become much atmospheric, dynamic, and live. While creating maps, the studio used photogrammetry to make the closest recreation of real locations.

The game will be released the next year on PC, old and new consoles. Previously, there were leaks that the upcoming title will be available on PlayStation 5. The official page of the title has already appeared on some popular digital distribution platforms including Steam.


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