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April Fool's Prank: Sega killed Sonic

7 months ago
April Fool's Prank: Sega killed Sonic

The developer Sega decided to effectively congratulate fans of the super-speedy Sonic the Hedgehog on April 1 by releasing a free game in which the adorable hero is killed. Tragic events occur aboard the luxurious Mirage Express train at Amy Rose's birthday party. However, before killing Sonic, gamers still must go through twenty minutes of exciting gameplay. When a tragic murder happens, the player's task is to do everything possible to unravel all the mysteries associated with the incident.

An excellent visual novel, The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is not a canon game. It should be taken as a great joke. The developer company ensured the players had something to do, waiting for the release of another game.

As for Sonic Frontiers, the last novelty in the series came out on November 8 last year. Gamers greeted the wonder with enthusiasm. However, this is not surprising! The charming game character Sonic has long won the hearts of fans worldwide.

Recall that the first update for the game Sonic Frontiers was released on March 22. This great DLC includes two game modes of challenge and a new photo mode.


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