Battlefield 2042 Became The Worst Debut In The Entire Series

2 years ago
Battlefield 2042 Became The Worst Debut In The Entire Series

A couple of days ago the release of the multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042 took place. Despite the loud announcements and high expectations, the game turned out to be boring, with a lot of flaws and bugs.

Players complain about the problems with servers, a strong simplification of character development compared to previous games in the series, the lack of a battle log, global chat, leaderboards, customization elements, weak sound design, a small number of weapons, and bugs. But what saddens the players the most is the disgusting optimization even on modern PCs.

Moreover, Battlefield 2042 did not receive story missions, and gamers are introduced to the course with a short promo video at the beginning of the game. The video tells about large-scale natural disasters on the planet and the battles for resources that followed. The story is trivial and simple, but enough for an online shooter. The new part offers gamers three completely different modes: All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Portal. Because of this, Battlefield 2042 does not feel like a solid multiplayer shooter, but three separate online games.

Players are finding more and more oddities in Battlefield 2042. It has been noted more than once that the technique in the shooter is too powerful - moreover, it is almost impossible to destroy it alone, even with the help of a specialized Recoilless M5 rocket launcher.

However, what is especially funny, the NWT-50 sniper rifle turned out to be much more effective against vehicles. As some users have noticed, it will take four shots to completely destroy a tank with a sniper as it will take about 8 seconds. With three shots, the Recoilless M5 rocket launcher can only bring the tank to a critical state - 1-2 health units. And it will take almost 14 seconds.

A sniper, however, has its drawback as it opens only at level 60. Given the rather slow pumping, this will take almost 50-70 hours of real gameplay. It is unlikely that many will reach such an endgame.

Another interesting moment – a player can carry with them only three shells for the rocket launcher, which is why it is simply impossible to destroy the same tank alone, but only bring it to a critical state. However, such problems will not happen with a sniper.


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