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Big "GTA VI" Leak Becomes Rockstar's Nightmare - Blame a Young Cracker

6 months ago

A big leak of video footage happened. Unfinished developments on the game novelty "Grand Theft Auto VI", created by the developer studio Rockstar Games, have leaked to the Internet. Members of the game's official forum noticed a message from a cracker who had recently come of age. The file size is 3 GB. The cracker said that players can see ninety clips/images from "GTA 6". And soon, other things await the fans of the novelty, for example, a test build of GTA 6, source code, and so on. After that, the journalists officially confirmed that the data leak had indeed taken place. And this is one of the biggest data breaches in recent memory. Interesting videos instantly went viral on social networks and were also published on various gaming community forums. The character Lucia in this video is involved in a robbery and takes hostages. It is noticeable that this is still unfinished material.

The second video shows interesting locations, very similar to Vice City. It can be concluded that the action of the game takes place in a virtual fictional version of Miami. In other clips, we can notice an improved interface and interesting animation.

So, the leak, in which gameplay details and screenshots from the game build were made public, led to a great buzz on the network. The company has already filed requests to take down these videos on YouTube. After all, what happened is a gross violation of copyright law.

Pavel Sasko, the quest director of "Cyberpunk 2077", managed to respond to the leak, asking users to stop the distribution of video materials.


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