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Bioware Announced a New Expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic

2 years ago
Bioware Announced a New Expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Recently, Bioware announced a new expansion for its famous MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. The expansion pack is called Legacy of the Sith and will bring some new updates to the game. Players wait for the continuation of the storyline, improvements, and novelties in the gameplay.

The expansion will be available for all the subscribers for free. They can find it on SWTOR.com or Steam. After ten years since its release, the game is still pretty popular. It already has 7 expansion packs adding a lot of new peculiarities and novelties to the original version of the game.

Meet and fight forces of the main antagonist of Star Wars: The Old Republic - Sith Darth Malgus who tries to conquer the water planet Manaan. Will players defeat the villain and what traps has he prepared for us this time? Will know soon.

During the storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the main course of the plot was directed on the Eternal Empire. Nevertheless, the storyline now turns to the famous conflict between the Republic and Empire. This time Manaan is at stake.

Players will find numerous new features in Legacy of the Sith. Unlike the previous expansion where the maximum level was 75, here it will reach 80. Another great novelty is new character customization allowing players to create unrepeatable characters. Besides, a player can set skills and items for their hero regardless of class. In this expansion, it will be possible to mix features of different classes. Also, there are several new great collaborative missions. A player can enjoy Operation and Flash Point missions with their friends.

Fans of the game are already excited by the new Combat Styles feature. A player needs to choose whether their hero is a force or a tech character. After that, it's possible to combine abilities, skills, or features belonging to such a type. Accordingly, a player can choose the skills and items appropriate for them. Also, it will be possible to instantly switch some gear and playstyle.   

Bioware didn't provide any official dates of release yet. However, it was announced that Legacy of the Sith will appear during the holiday season in 2021. The game celebrates its 10th anniversary! Consequently, a lot of new content is waiting for Star Wars fans during 2021 and 2022. Considering the list of the upcoming new features, Star Wars: The Old Republic is still a promising title that can impress loyal audiences and interest some new players.


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