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BioWare has noticed that exciting game content for SWTOR will be released

3 months ago
BioWare has noticed that exciting game content for SWTOR will be released

So the fans' concerns turned out to be in vain. So, players recently learned that another studio would work on the super popular game dedicated to galactic adventures. Recall that back in June, EA talked about such plans. Studio developer BioWare gets an excellent opportunity to focus on such spectacular franchises as Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

So, the players were worried that this could mean releasing some critical content would be put on hold. Fortunately, this is not the case.

Producer Kanneg told fans that the fantastic game's creators would release even more exciting story content. The game is expected to be upgraded both next year and in 2025. The creators see these events as an excellent opportunity to deliver even more video content and delight fans with interesting new products. Broadsword Online Games will be the studio responsible for developing SWTOR from now on. Its director, R. Denton, a former vice president of BioWare, previously had relevant experience. Recall that Star Wars: The Old Republic is a fantastic story novelty; the events unfold three hundred years after those shown in "Knights of the Old Republic." The video game impresses with excellent animation and a captivating storyline.


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