Blizzard is dropping its requirement for Overwatch 2 gamers

a year ago
Blizzard is dropping its requirement for Overwatch 2 gamers

A couple of days after the release of the shooter Overwatch 2, Blizzard decided to backtrack on a decision that prevented gamers with VOIP or prepaid phone numbers from registering to play the game.

The mobile shooter verification system was extremely disappointing for gamers, and the company hurried to take action. Blizzard reported this to the gaming community on the forum, discussing problems during the launch of the shooter in early access and possible solutions.

As you know, at the start, the game was subjected to an agronomic number of various hacker attacks, and players faced big troubles: for example, difficulties during connection, connection problems, and the disappearance of items earned during the game.

Prepaid users have complained that they are unable to link their phone numbers to their own account. According to the requirements of the company, it is an indispensable condition for the game. Alas, as a result, even the most experienced players ended up without access to the shooter.

Taking into account all the comments, the company decided to cancel the mandatory binding of a phone number for those gamers who started the game on June 9, 2021. So, this change will please us from October 7th. Alas, the innovation will not affect beginners. They still have to go through this process. The company does not doubt that a special system will help protect the gaming community. Blizzard continues to work on optimizing the system, but this process will not be fast. Still, we hope for the best. Issues with the disappearance of in-game items and progress are being addressed.

The first season of the shooter started on October 4th. The company promises fans of the game a special battle pass, as well as constant seasonal updates.

Modern Warfare 2 will have the same prepaid/VOIP phone restrictions for now. 


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