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Over 2000 Apex Legends Players Were Banned

a year ago
Over 2000 Apex Legends Players Were Banned

Recently, Respawn security specialist Conor Ford said he banned 2086 Apex Legends players for exploiting vulnerabilities. There is no information about how much time the banned users will be blocked. Nevertheless, fair players can feel safe now.

One of the vulnerabilities allowed players not to keep their rank points the same even after defeats, and the second allowed high-ranking players to get into lobbies with the lowest-ranked players. Due to such bugs, cheaters could farm and gain profit much quicker and effortlessly. Ford also provided statistics of platforms used by cheaters. Surprisingly, PlayStation 4 players exploited the most vulnerabilities. It’s quite strange as more than 1950 cheaters were PS4 users, while the rest were playing via PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

All the banned players won’t be able to take part in the start of the Rebirth season, which is set to kick off on August 3rd. Ford ensures that average players may have no worries playing Apex Legends and now the game is cheat-free. Respawn Studio Security Specialist made a post on Twitter describing the vulnerabilities used by cheaters and encouraged them to join without breaking the rules the next time.

The series of bans had a mixed reaction on social media. The majority of players are satisfied as now the game seems to be pretty fair. However, some users stated that they were banned without a reason and they didn’t use any vulnerabilities. Also, some part of the PlayStation 4 community was outraged as the bulk of banned players are PS 4 users. It’s not the first time when a certain group of connected players is banned in Apex Legends. For instance, a lot of Japanese players were banned this April due to a misunderstanding. On the other hand, such security may become good for Apex as if it would enter eSports.

Previously, Respawn Entertainment has released Apex Legends' Rebirth season gameplay trailer, which kicks off next Tuesday. In the video, the developers showed a new hero, Seer, an updated “World's Edge” map, a ranked mode for “Arenas” and a Rampage machine gun. Seer became the 18th character in Battle Royale. Earlier, Respawn Entertainment presented a story trailer dedicated to the legend. The video tells about the growing up of a hero, whose birth was overshadowed by a bad omen. Seer has a lot of interesting abilities including hearing and visualizing the heartbeat of nearby enemies while aiming, summoning micro-drones, and many others. the position of enemies actively moving inside it.


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