Agony (PC)

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Release date:May 29, 2018

Agony is a survival horror in the vein of Outlast and Amnesia, albeit with a very specific tweak to the formula: you are in literal hell. Can you find a way to escape eternal damnation, whatever it takes? Agony will test the limits of your sanity, humanity, and the strength of your stomach with its challenges and imagery.

Agony: story

What got you into hell, you don't remember, suffering from a bad case of video game amnesia. What you do know is that you want to get out from there as soon as possible. You heard that the Hell's alleged creator, the Red Goddess knows the way out, but first you need to find her, a task which might already be too much for you.Agony's plotline is the kind of Hell-escape scenario that's certain to stick in your memory for a long while. Will you discover why you're in hell? Can you find your way out? You'll need to find answers to these questions on your own, and they might change along the way.

The style of Agony graphics

One of the key features of Agony is its distinctive visual presentation. The image of hell presented by the developer Madmind is certainly a memorable one. The environment is composed of human bodies, the red, blood-like tint. The detailed and disturbing visions of the developers are especially apparent in the designs of the demons you encounter and hide from along the way.Each of them is a walking nightmare, created will full knowledge of what people uncomfortable. Body horror, uncanny valley, gore and guts, this game's visuals are certainly not for those faint of heart.

Agony gameplay

Agony is a proper modern survival horror. Throughout the gameplay you will hide from the demons hunting you, and hold your breath when they are close. But you have a way to fight back. You are unique, able to possess other damned souls around you, and even some of the demons. And both abilities will be crucial for more than just your prolonged survival.Multiple obstacles are thrown before you along the way, and many of them can only be overcome by possessing a demon with a specific ability. The key to success is finding and subduing the right victim for possession. Can you handle the denizens of hell without exposing your immortal soul to further torments it probably deserves?

Every trick in the horror rulebook

The developer Madmind knows the genre very well, and puts the tricks developed over decades to good use. Be prepared for carefully spaced jump scares, and imagery that first will shock you, then become commonplace before a new image and a new monstrosity reminds you that you are still in hell. Feel the tension of hiding from demons capable of effortlessly ending your existence, and play the game of cat and mouse for what's left of your soul.

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