Beat Cop (PC)

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Release date:Mar 30, 2017
Publisher:11 bit studios
Developer:Pixel Crow

New York, more like a beast than a city. Explore its darkest corners and uncover its secrets as Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been framed for a murder. Degraded and forgotten by old pals, its your last chance to find the truth behind this whole terrible mess. The thing is, your new boss treats you like shit, your wife is a money sucking spawn from hell and the local mafia wants your head on a plate. I guess you could say, that things are complicated down here, in the middle of Brooklyn. Oh, and don't forget about writing tickets, reprimanding pedestrians & such. You're a beat cop after all.

Nonlinear story with multiple endings
Someone framed you and no one gives a rats ass about this but you. Turn everystone in this city and find out who did that. The further you investigate the moremissing puzzles youll find, but be careful. Some things should never be brought todaylight.

The essence of 80s cop shows
Have you ever dreamed of being one of the heroes of cop movies? Of course youdid, like we all. Now you have a chance. Be sexier than Sonny Crocket and tougherthan Dirty Harry. And if witty comebacks wont work, you can always do some oldschool ass kicking. Its 80s after all!

The humour that your mom wouldnt approve
Be sarcastic. Be gloom. Be whatever you want. There are thousands of things in this world you can laugh at, and even more you shouldnt, but who cares. Its jungle outthere baby, and sometimes you just need something to release the stress.

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