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F1 2016 (PC)

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Release date:Aug 18, 2016

Formula One is a sport for the true fans of Formula One machines and demanding racing. Codemasters' F1 2016 perfectly captures the experience in the form of a complex and beautiful game. Can your strategy place you on the podium? Can you handle the speed? F1 2016 will let you figure all of that out.

Stunning visuals

Authenticity is a big thing in F1 16. To such an extent that at times its' hard to distinguish game from TV broadcast. The suspension flexes and reacts to everything you do on the track, the wheels are properly tethered, and carbon bodies break the way they should. Driving is exciting, but crashes are simply spectacular. Either way, you are having fun!

Complex physics engine

This isn't some physics-light arcade racing game. In true Codemasters' fashion F1 makes sure your experience is as authentic as it can get without putting you in a real vehicle. Tires screech and suffer punctures, the weather conditions realistically influence handling, and sliding out of the corner feels as it should. Turn the simulation-level damage model, and you're in for one of the finest F1 sims you can get.

Meaty Practice Mode

Get the hang of driving your car in a solid and worthwhile Practice mode. Several types of tests are open to you at all times. Track Acclimatisation will have you drive through predefined checkpoints to test how you handle staying on track. The more you consistently hit, the more points towards success you get. Tyre Wear test gives you a couple laps to figure out how not to bust your tires too much. Do well, and you get precious rewards.


As you play you will gain upgrade points you can use to work on your machine. Find out where your car lacks in the practice programmes, commit upgrade points and let your engineers work on making it suit your style. Your R&D wizards can make your machine compensate for your shortcomings as a driver and capitalize on your strengths. You just have to handle it properly.

Strategy at the forefront

You won't go far in F1 2016 gameplay if you decide to drive haphazardly. Devise your plan for the track, keep your eye on fuel and tires, and don't forget to visit the pit stop. Or drive cautiously and avoid the necessity. It's your choice, and you may be just skilled enough to pull it off. Either way, keeping your car in top condition is directly tied to how you handle your racing.What will be your winning strategy?


Driving against F1 2016's capable AI is great, but if you're looking for real competition, then the multiplayer is where you want to be. Race against up to 21 other drivers in a full, massive grid of roaring engines and space-age technology. Play a full season or a single track, and prove who truly deserves to be on the podium.

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