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Get ready to purchase Far Cry 6 for Xbox on Wyrel when it’s released in 2021. Pre-order now and get the best price on a highly-anticipated game.

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The upcoming game is set for release in February 2021. The video game from Ubisoft will become the 6th installment in the series. It’s a first-person shooter inspired by Cuba. Let’s discuss why you should buy it on Wyrel. 

The game is set on a fictional Caribbean island, Yara. One can take a quick peek into its appearance in the teaser released by the developer. Don’t wait till the game goes on sale. Pre-order now to be among the first players who enjoy it on their consoles.  

A protagonist is called Dani Rojas. He is a soldier who fights for freedom and wishes to restore the nation’s glory. Player’s task is to topple Castillo, the local dictator, and his regime. Hire professionals to help you achieve the goal.  The combination of action and adventure attracts lots of attention. Fans of the series wait for the game to explore the newly added weapons, vehicles, etc.

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