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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (all caps necessary) is a brand new battle royale multiplayer shooter, developed under the guidance of the genre's pioneer: Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene. Get on a plane as one of a hundred players, drop onto a huge island, find weapons and do your best to be the last one standing on a steadily shrinking map. Do you have what it takes? PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PC) will test you, make no mistake.

Massive, detailed map

In PUBG the map is an 8x8km area. It's full of settlements, unique geographical features and a city which is the place to be when you decide the kid gloves are off. Admire the detail put into creating the mysterious island, but be careful not to find yourself staring blankly at the sights too long, because your enemies won't.
It's a very pretty place to die, and even prettier to claim as one and only ruler after you eliminate your enemies.

Target-rich environment

PUBG (PC) supports matches of even a hundred players at once. All of them aiming to get the weapons before you do, get to the safe zone before you do, and to kill you before you kill them.
The upside is that you have even 99 targets to shoot. The downside is: your opponents do too. One way or another there can be only one, so make good use of the guns you find and start working towards killing in everyone standing in your way.

Plenty of gear to find

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS doesn't make you go to all-out conflict empty-handed. It just makes you find everything. You drop on the map with nothing but your wits and empty equipment slots, but within minutes you can be the baddest-looking son of a gun around, with MP4 or a nice AK to make sure nobody questions your position. There are 17 weapons, 35 upgrades, and enough cosmetic items to make anyone satisfied.

Perfect gameplay balance

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS finds the sweet spot between the complexity and depth of Arma 3 Battle Royale and H1Z1: King of the Kill, both of which were developed by Greene. PUBG merges the accessibility of King of the Kill with toned down depth of Arma 3 to provide an engaging game with a learning curve that doesn't punish you for trying.
It's a game every fan of the battle royale shooter genre will be able to enjoy!

No time to rest

If you think you can take your time and play it slow, think again. The further into the match, the less breathing space you have. Every couple minutes the area is constricted by an ever-tighter force field and you never know where a safe zone will be. Stay in place and be zapped by the field. Stay in a wrong place and carpet bombers will get you. Stay on the move to have any chance of making it to the end.

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Release date:Mar 23, 2017
Publisher:Bluehole, Inc.
Developer:Bluehole, Inc.


In case you like games like Fortnite, this battle royale game is also a must. Buy a popular game which is also called PUBG. Add this hit to your gaming collection. Defeat 99 players and win the match. Play alone or join friends to have the most epic battle.

Top peculiarities of the game do you wonder whether you should purchase PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (Xbox)? Well, the game offers fun and thrilling gameplay. Test all the features and characters abilities to get to the top. Add customizable skins to improve your gaming experience. The Xbox edition is not perfect, but the quality is decent.

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