Quake Champions Early Access Starter Pack (DLC)

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Step into the arena, Champion!

Quake Champions breathes new life into the classic franchise. Experience lightning-fast gameplay as you zoom around the map faster than in any other shooter. Choose one of unique Champions equipped with their own special traits to spice up your playstyle.Quake Champions is a trip down memory lane dressed in the modern vestments.

The Champions

The eponymous Quake Champions are vicious fighter collected across the galaxy to fight to the death in carefully crafted arenas. Among the participants you'll find an anthropomorphic acid-spitting lizard Sorlag, a Ranger once lost to time and space, or a masked Visor, a disturbing cyborg of foreign make. The Doom Slayer and BJ Blazkowicz are here to show the other competitors the true meaning of pain and glory. A real treat for the fans of classic id Software franchises.

Deadly weapons of Quake Champions

Do you have fond memories of rocket jumping with your trusty rocket launcher to rain death from above and be seemingly everywhere on the map? Quake Champions brings an arsenal seven deadly guns to frag your enemies with, and the rocket launcher is among them.Explosive-firing Tribolt, enemy-zapping Lightning Gun, and the all-time classic Super Shotgun are but a part of the arsenal available to you.

Space-gothic arenas

The familiar atmosphere of classic Quakes is back in full swing in Quake Champions with dark dungeons, bleak battle cathedrals and tombs of forgotten men. Quake Champions gameplay will have you wage war across the vestiges of long dead civilisations and caverns where no sane person would dare to go.Figure out the placement of pick-ups, the desirable choke points and ways to outflank your opposition. QC requires supreme map awareness you expect of the license.


Quake Champions gameplay rewards your performance through a solid champion progression system. Gain levels by fragging enemies and completing occasional objectives, gain currencies, and unlock an expansive list of customisation options for your heroes, ranging from different helmets to items changing completely how your hero looks.Unlock champions, or hire them for a time if you just want to try them out, and buy crates of cosmetic loot with your winnings. Whatever you do, you're always moving forward by doing nothing more than playing the game as intended.

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