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Train Simulator 2018 (PC)

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A journey into the world of steel, heat and complex machinery

Starting from the Academy mode, being a kind of helpful tutorial for those, who haven’t played railway games ever before, Train Simulator 2018 offers a journey through various gameplay modes including Free Roam, Quick Drive and of course the most enjoyable – Career. It will also show you how to drive various trains, including diesel, electric, not forgetting about the cool, old-fashioned steam engine ones. Of course the developers have remembered about the maniacs, who love to create their own rushing tens of tons, as well as give the rein to their imaginations and set up new worlds, routes and challenges. You can upload your works and share them with other players, making the game an endless fun. Every mission or challenge distinguishes itself with various length (from few minutes to several hours) and difficulty level, taking into account different types of obstacles the player has to deal with during his trip.

The focus on realism

If you are looking for detailedly resembled routes and trains, you are in the right place! The British developers from Dovetail Games took the utmost care that every switch, trigger and pilot would be an ideal reflection of the original one. The same is with each kilometer of the routes, being a perfect embodiment of the really existing services. The Train Simulator 2018 features 3 new complete trips, including the North Wales Coastal track: Crewe – Llandudno & Conwy Castle, American Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose and Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Innsbruck in Germany and Austria. New trains models include Arriva Trains Wales Class 175, Class 158 and Class 221, ÖBB 2016, Caltrain MPI MP36PH-3C, DB BR 442 ”Talent 2”, and the Pacific Electro-Motive GP38-2.

Proven mechanisms

Train Simulator 2018’s gameplay draws upon the best features of the previous editions. It uses the same proven graphic engine (Unreal Engine 4) introducing new user interface elements. The obvious benefit of this situation is the full compatibility with all previously published DLCs. So, if you have your considerable acquis, you can build on it your future engine driver career. The title also does not have demanding system requirements.

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