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The Outlast Trials (PC)

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The Outlast Trials (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

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Release date:May 18, 2023
Publisher:Red Barrels Studio
Developer:Red Barrels Studio

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Step back into the chilling era of the Cold War, where the pursuit of scientific knowledge pushed the boundaries of human experimentation to harrowing heights. The Outlast Trials delves deep into this haunting theme, immersing players in a multiplayer experience that exposes the dark underbelly of those times. Gather your courage and join forces with up to 3 other players, for in this game, you are one of the unfortunate guinea pigs ensnared within the clutches of the malevolent Murkoff Corporation. 

Enveloped by an atmosphere thick with dread and despair, you are subjected to brainwashing and many other inhumane experiments. Within the confines of this psychological torment, your only hope lies in navigating the treacherous halls and sinister chambers, collaborating closely with your fellow captives to survive the twisted “therapy” inflicted upon you. Unleash your collective ingenuity and resilience, for it is through cooperative efforts that a glimmer of salvation may be found amidst the shadows. 


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But beware, for lurking around every corner are unspeakable horrors and abominations. The chilling encounters with nightmarish creatures will test the limits of your sanity and fortitude. Trust in your companions, for the strength of unity may be the only beacon of light in this labyrinthine nightmare. 

Embark on this immersive journey and seize the opportunity to acquire The Outlast Trials at a discounted price, exclusively available on our renowned Wyrel marketplace. Dare to face the twisted secrets within the walls of Murkoff Corporation and unveil the truth behind the malefic experiments that taint this grim chapter of history. The darkness awaits, and it is up to you and your comrades to rise above it, forging a path towards freedom in the face of unimaginable horror. 


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