What we know about Dying Light 2's release date, trailers, setting info, and more

2 years ago
What we know about Dying Light 2's release date, trailers, setting info, and more

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has already been released. Dying Light 2 was released on February 3. The first-person action with parkour, created by the Polish studio Techland, seems to be an extremely promising game. The authors share with us trailers and interesting facts from the development, generously give interviews and publish posts on social networks.



Trailer Dying Light 2 introduces viewers to the locations and characters of the game. At the same time, the video shows the battles with different types of zombies, as well as with other people. In the story trailer, presented at The Game Awards 2021, the authors also showed several survivors, who are forced to fight each other for resources.



Dying Light 2 gameplay with an emphasis on melee combat and parkour. The protagonist jumps on rooftops, runs along walls, and clings to ledges. These are the same skills he uses in fights as well. For example, he jumps over the enemy and strikes with both feet at the one standing behind him.

Weapons used are items collected from the means at hand. In addition, the game is crafting items and searching for valuable resources that are needed to create new items and improve the already found.

Movement through the city is done in the style of the first part. There are zombies and mutants walking everywhere below. So, it's much better to move around on the rooftops. But yes, it's not safe there either, you can meet bandits or dead people that have wandered in.

Survivors of the city have adapted to life near zombies and put special ramps and ramps everywhere to make their movement safer. They are very convenient to use while exploring the area or escaping from the horde.

At nightfall, Aiden begins to slowly die, as a virus also sits in his body. The immunity strip can be restored under an ultraviolet lamp or with consumables. Plus, the most dangerous mutants come out and can catch up with the player anywhere if they make eye contact or noise.



During the coming out of Dying Light 2 million news about the game appeared on the web. And we collected the most important and interesting Dying Light 2 news:

Dying Light 2 ranked 23rd highest number of players on Steam

Dying Light 2 managed to take 23rd place in terms of the maximum number of players on Steam. At its peak, 274983 people played the game. That's a couple of thousand more than Halo Infinite and Kholat.

Steam has named the top 10 best-selling games of the week

Top 10 games by revenue:

1. Dying Light 2;

2. Pre-order Dying Light 2;

3. Pre-order Dying Light 2 Ultimate;

4. Pre-order Lost Ark Platinum Founder's Pack;

5. Dying Light 2 Ultimate;

6. Pre-order Elden Ring;

7. Dying Light 2 collector's edition;

8. It Takes Two;

9. Pre-order Dying Light 2 collector's edition;

10. Pre-order Total War: Warhammer 3.



To summarize, we can say that the game was interesting, and the audience accepted it very well. Moreover, this game has broken many records and received a very high score on the independent sites. What proves the great interest of players.


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