Battlefield 2042 Release Date Is October 22

4 days ago
Battlefield 2042 Release Date Is October 22

There were a lot of rumors and leaks related to the upcoming Battlefield, but nothing was confirmed till the last few days. Nevertheless, DICE and Electronic Arts are ready to impress the gaming industry with Battlefield 2042 which will release this October. Players don't have a lot of facts about the upcoming title, but the developers regularly state that the project is going to be original, unusual, and exciting.

The release date was announced on June 9, 2021, along with a trailer. Unlike several previous games of this series which took place in World War I and World War II, this time players will join the nearest future. Consequently, the setting will be quite similar to today's world. It seems like the game won't be very futuristic, but it isn't clear enough yet. In Battlefield 2042, the USA and Russia will have a conflict that affected the whole globe.

The news about the new title will regularly update later. Soon, EA will start open beta sessions for users who have pre-ordered the game. Players expect unbelievable graphics as a lot of leaks pointed it out. Realistic weather conditions are expected. It may be true as even the trailer referred to a big hurricane. Perhaps, beta testing will reveal these suggestions.

For today, we know that there will be several multiplayer modes in the game. They will be much bigger than in the previous titles of the franchise. Electronic Arts stated that up to 128 can join one round. Talking about rounds, the battles will take place in different places across the world including Asia, the sea, and even Antarctica.

The game will provide a possibility to play for some exclusive classes. Each of them will interact with the game world differently and have unique advantages. There will be unpredictable weather that may change the course of the game at any time. To win, a player needs to know who to deal with any weather conditions. Also, a player can use some advanced technological tools and robots. However, don't expect something unbelievable. It's likely that the majority of high technologies from the title are already existing in the real world.

There won't be a single-player story mode. The plot will move with expansions that will constantly bring some new content to the game. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that a user necessarily needs other players to play as the game is provided with AI.


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