Death Stranding 2 May Be under the Development

a year ago
Death Stranding 2 May Be under the Development

Norman Reedus, who played the main character of the Death Stranding game, was delighted with the opportunity to play in the sequel but did not give any details. The fact that the creation of the second game is really being discussed, the star of "The Walking Dead" said in an interview with the Brazilian edition of AdoroCinema.

Reedus was very happy speaking about taking part in the development of the new Death Stranding. Nevertheless, there are no official announcements yet. By the way, Reedus and Kojima were involved in another successful project before, Silent Hills. However, the title was canceled, so there is no 100% guarantee that Death Stranding 2 will be released. Despite the game being pretty popular, it is considered very controversial due to the complicated gameplay and too twisted plot.

IGN was the first to draw attention to the interview. They noted that it is not yet known whether the actor was referring to a full-fledged sequel or Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which will be released on September 24 on PS5. Kojima Productions did not officially announce the creation of the second part of the game. However, it seems like Reedus was talking about the sequel as the Director’s Cut will be released in a very short time from today.

At the end of 2019, Hideo Kojima announced that if he took up the sequel to Death Stranding, he would "start from scratch." In October 2020, the studio confirmed that it was working on a new project, but did not elaborate on which one. Nevertheless, it seems like Norman Reedus will be involved in the development of the sequel according to his words. Perhaps his role will be much smaller this time.

Also in an interview, Reedus answered the question of which of his characters would win an imaginary marathon: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead or Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding. He said that Sam will definitely beat Daryl as the first one has an exoskeleton. It looks like Norman is extremely excited with his Death Stranding character.

Earlier, at GamesCom 2021, Kojima Productions showed an 8-minute gameplay trailer for Death Stranding Director's Cut, in which it showed additional content of the extended version. It will feature a lot of new content including fresh quests, items, and so forth. Players are excited to check out some special crossover items from other series such as Cyberpunk and Half-Life.


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