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Destiny 2: Winner Announced By Mistake

4 months ago
Destiny 2: Winner Announced By Mistake

The players were highly puzzled by the actions of Bungie, who announced the winner even before the official end, which will take place on May 23rd. The studio immediately made their explanations. As it turns out, the claim that the Warlocks allegedly won the Guardian Games was released by accident. As you know, the popular annual competition runs from May 2nd to May 23rd. Titans, Hunters, and also Warlocks compete with each other for superiority.

So, the players were stunned when they saw the message that the Warlocks supposedly won. Everyone was invited to visit the Tower at a special closing ceremony on this occasion. At the same time, there were still a few weeks left before the end of the event, so no one believed in the reliability of the information.

With the following announcement on Twitter, Bungie acknowledged that the previous post was an unfortunate mistake.

So, the winning class has yet to be discovered. The event is in full swing.

Gamers receive unique medallions as a gift for performing several actions. And this is in addition to various types of weapons. The class that completes the most tasks and earns the most medallions is declared the winner.

Of course, mistakes sometimes happen. And although some gamers were unhappy with the confusion and even decided that the company was resorting to manipulation, others quite calmly accepted the subsequent explanation of the studio.


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