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Diablo 4: In 15 seconds, the fans effectively destroyed the badass boss

3 months ago
Diablo 4: In 15 seconds, the fans effectively destroyed the badass boss

In just fifteen seconds, the cool boss was destroyed. In the super popular video game Diablo 4, fans impress by the unity and skill.

So, just recently, a couple of gamers were able to destroy a powerful boss named Wandering Death instantly. A gamer with the nickname Stso shared the corresponding video with the gaming community. We can see how ten heroes, yet to reach level 100, attack the enemy with lightning speed a couple of times per second. And in just 15 seconds, the cool boss is destroyed. Gamers watching this spectacular process were impressed by the skill of the daredevils. In addition, super-advanced equipment helped the players.

As you know, some fans still need to complete the initial campaign. At the same time, others perform the most exciting and complex game tasks and get excellent equipment. It was for such high-level heroes that a unique task was invented - to challenge tough bosses. A couple of gamers can fight with them in multiplayer mode. This time the enemy was defeated with lightning speed.

Studio - developer Blizzard intends to constantly improve the gameplay to keep the game challenging and fun. And one of the gamers gave the studio a great idea. He suggested changing the bosses in such a way that the fans would be able to visually see how much damage they could inflict on the enemies. This would be another incentive to fight.

The popular video game Diablo 4 is available on PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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