Diablo Immortal fan owes Blizzard $35,000

26 days ago
Diablo Immortal fan owes Blizzard $35,000

The fact is that gamers who bought cheap in-game currency on the black market went into negative territory in the game balance. The company decided to carry out a purge in Diablo Immortal, timing this event to coincide with the launch of the fourth season update. So, at first, the players successfully saved money on the purchase of spheres - the in-game currency, using the services of third-party resources, and now they have become debtors. It wouldn't have happened if gamers had purchased orbs through official channels. And impressive amounts have already been spent, but this brought the players no privileges, only losses. According to the rules of the game, if the purchases of the in-game currency have already been made, then when the player issues a refund, the spheres are written off in such a way that the game balance necessarily goes negative. At the moment, gamers who decide to save money have a great shortage of funds in their virtual wallets. For example, one of the gamers on the game account has minus 2.5 million spheres.

As a result, players who bought orbs on the black market found themselves in a terrible situation. Not only are they now obligated to pay off a large debt, but they are also unable to join the game's various online fan gatherings until they restore a positive balance.

The official offer is to purchase 6,000 orbs plus 1,200 bonus orbs for $99.99. 


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