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Digital Sun Reveals Cataclismo: A Fusion of RTS and Lego-Inspired Gaming

27 days ago
Digital Sun Reveals Cataclismo: A Fusion of RTS and Lego-Inspired Gaming

In a highly anticipated announcement, Digital Sun, the renowned studio responsible for the acclaimed Moonlighter, is making a triumphant comeback to the gaming scene. Their latest venture, Cataclismo, is poised to redefine the real-time strategy (RTS) genre by ingeniously merging the charm of Lego with intricate base-building mechanics.


Building Your Way to Triumph

Cataclismo plunges players into a world where they must defend fortresses against relentless waves of menacing adversaries called "Horrors." What distinguishes this game is its groundbreaking "brick-by-brick" base construction system, enabling players to craft defenses with the same level of creativity and precision as constructing with Lego bricks. This innovative approach rekindles the joy of childhood imagination and seamlessly integrates it into the digital battleground.



Anticipating the Arrival of Cataclismo

While Cataclismo is still in its early developmental stages and has yet to launch its Kickstarter campaign, an active Steam page provides an enticing glimpse of what lies ahead. The target release date is Q2 2024, and initial feedback from an updated demo has been overwhelmingly positive. With its captivating blend of minimalist art style, intricate base-building, resource management challenges, and intense siege warfare, Cataclismo promises to redefine the gaming landscape in 2024. The prospect of crafting limitless medieval castles in creative mode adds an exciting dimension to the game, potentially revolutionizing the RTS genre. As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await further details, one thing is undeniable – the mist won't disperse on its own, and soon, players will have the chance to shape their destiny, one brick at a time, within the world of Cataclismo.



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