Dying Light 2 Will Take More Than 500 From a Player

2 years ago
Dying Light 2 Will Take More Than 500 From a Player

According to the recent updates revealed by the developers, it will take 500 hours to completely clean up the game. However, it will take much less time if a player wants to complete just the storyline.

The zombie action game Dying Light 2: Stay Human is going to be a really huge game. This was recently announced by the developers of the project from the Polish studio Techland. They have revealed the truly impressive length of their upcoming action movie.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human's official Twitter account announced that it will take an impressive 500 hours to complete. Techland compared this to walking from Warsaw to Madrid. It will take approximately 550 hours. Then the developers made an important clarification: the duration is indicated taking into account the complete cleaning of the game. This includes closing all activities and completing each challenge.

In a separate post, Techland told how long it will take to complete the main storyline and most of the side quests. This will take 70 to 80 hours, which is still a lot. If users like the upcoming zombie action game, they will be able to hang in it for six months or even longer. A large plate of content is located in the open world, which can be studied after the completion of the main quest.

There is not much information available about the title now. The protagonist of Dying Light 2 will be a survivor named Aiden Caldwell. The action will unfold 15 years after the epidemic shown in the first part of the game. The sequel will feature non-linear storytelling, new zombies, and a map four times larger than the original.

Particular attention in the second part is given to parkour. Players will have more acrobatic tricks and opportunities to interact with the environment. This will make navigating the world easier and smoother.

Prior to that, the developers of Dying Light 2 released a new series, Dying 2 Know, in which they talked about the action interface. The goal of the creators was convenience and maximum immersion in the world.

The team spent thousands of hours testing to find the perfect balance for players with different priorities. Users will be given the freedom to customize the interface to get the most out of the process. For example, the health bar and the parkour counter can be completely turned off.

Dying Light 2 will be released at the beginning of this February.


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