eFootball 2022 Became A Fail And Soon Will Be Updated

11 months ago
eFootball 2022 Became A Fail And Soon Will Be Updated

A lot of football fans and gamers expected the release of eFootball 2022 from Konami. The game was established as the successor of famous PES titles and considered very promising. Nevertheless, the project appeared very raw that led to terrible ratings from both critics and players.

The title was released on September 30 and very quickly received negative reviews on Steam, the number of which is approaching 12 thousand ratings. Players complain about problems with balance, passing speed, and other gameplay elements.

Critics agree that the start of the new shareware game was disastrous. Besides, they point out that, in addition to bugs, the game has enough other problems. The gameplay is too slow and unresponsive, the physics of the ball has become simpler, and the goalkeepers concede even the most ridiculous goals.

Players in eFootball 2022 were dissatisfied with the redesigned gameplay of the simulator compared to eFootball PES 2021. For the first time, the developers used Unreal Engine 4 in the game, changing almost all basic mechanics, including running, tackling, and hitting. As players note, the mechanics are really new, but many of them do not work correctly or seem unrealistic.

Although Konami has already promised to fix the problems of its football simulator, the community continues to joke about the game. For today, it’s probably the most discussed topic in the whole gaming community. Even not sports fans make meme pictures with funny faces of game versions of famous football players.

Furthermore, FIFA 22 from EA, the main competitor of eFootball 2022, was released on October 1. The community generally welcomed the next game in the series from EA Sports, which, a few hours after the release, received 76% of positive reviews on Steam.

There are almost no advantages of the new Konami title. The company made the game free became free, but, this is the only thing that in such a situation can please some football fans. Although it doesn’t clear if anybody wants to play this game at all.

Konami acknowledged the presence of a number of flaws and bugs in eFootball 2022. The company spoke about the failed release of the game on Twitter. The developers of the football simulator have assured that they will be interested in the opinion of the community regarding future changes to eFootball 2022. In addition, Konami plans to improve the quality of the game and add new content in future updates. The release of the next patch is scheduled for October.


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