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Elden Ring Is Top Of Steam Wishlist

10 months ago
Elden Ring Is Top Of Steam Wishlist

The upcoming, highly anticipated RPG from the developers of the legendary Dark Souls series, FromSoftware - Elden Ring is currently the most anticipated title on Steam's wishlist. The title managed to overtake many hits.

From the looks of it, Elden Ring's sales are going to be really impressive. Peak online could finally surpass the current record of Dark Souls 3 with its result of almost 130 thousand people. As the developers of the game admitted, the beauty of the remake of Demon's Souls put pressure on them during the development of the upcoming game - perhaps their efforts will now pay off in full.

Earlier this week, Elden Ring surpassed Techland's Dying Light 2: Stay Human to become the # 1 Most Desired Game on Steam. It’s worth to be mentioned the fact that Dying Light 2 topped the list of the most played games on Steam for the entire year 2021 (12 months!), Replacing Cyperpunk 2077 at the end of 2020. For the first time in history, Elden Ring topped the list. Besides, the game hit the top ten on the weekly Steam chart - a pre-order of the "Soulslike" was placed in the seventh position. Pretty good state of affairs for Hidetaki Miyazaki's new game.

It is likely that interest in the game has fueled a fresh video demonstrating a previously unavailable character editor. Although the developers did not introduce this editor into the beta, thanks to the enthusiasts who were able to hack Elden Ring for PS4, it is now possible to see the character creation in action.

It is worth noting that the editor is not ready yet and it lacks a lot of details including all the labels. However, it is already possible to understand how high-quality and convenient it is. Players will have a lot of freedom to create their own unique characters.

Users will be able to customize unusual skin color, eyebrows, scars, or choose from ready-made characters. Elden Ring developers will allow you to manually change cheekbones and cheeks, which will make it possible to make even a ridiculous warrior. Some players consider that the Elden Ring character editor is much better than the one presented in Cyberpunk 2077.

The date of the release for Elden Ring is the 24th of February. This is a great time to release a big hit, as the gaming industry has been deprived of high-profile releases for quite some time. The last years have been full of unsuccessful releases, so let's hope Elden Ring doesn't let gamers down.


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