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Fans have seen the first footage of The Sims 5 gameplay

3 months ago
Fans have seen the first footage of The Sims 5 gameplay

Studios EA and Maxis posted a video showing gameplay from an early version of the video game, which made the players very happy. After all, the project is awaited with great impatience. By the way, inside the team, the game is called Project Rene.

At the moment, the novelty is at an early stage. The creators of the game project from the Maxis studio showed the players a couple of frames of the prototype of the novelty. They discussed the features of creation, including the nuances of animation, some changes in lighting, and customization of the hair of the characters.

The developers also promised that gamers would see an open world, not a small town. The game's dialogues have been simplified to make the gameplay more fun. The creators of the upcoming fifth part of the famous series noted that the design, which could be seen in the video, has yet to be finalized. Everything can change at any moment. After all, this is only a preliminary game version. Although in general, gamers were able to get an idea about the new product. And the fans were delighted with what they saw.

The game may have support for a multiplayer game mode. Judging by the screenshots posted by insiders, a couple of apartments with spectacular designs will also appear.

Recall that the game was first announced last year. The release date for The Sims 5 is yet to be announced.


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