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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Review

2 years ago
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Review

Often multi-series end in a decent way. Some forget about the main idea and go entirely wrong, others clumsily rewrite their plots, while others cut the story short altogether. But in the case of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, it wasn't like that. This game, at the height of its popularity, set the stage for a story that had been written over the years.



Starting with Heavensward, the developers have shown a high-quality story, and with each update, the quality has grown. And the game's story was no exception. The game begins with you taking on the role of the Warrior of Light. You have more than once saved the world from bloody empires, raging demigods, and evil conspirators, among others. Now the game puts you before the greatest challenge of all - "The Last Days.

"The Last Days" is about the cataclysm that nearly destroyed the world several millennia ago, and two villains are trying to recreate it. Zenos, the bloodthirsty prince of the Garlean Empire, wants revenge after his defeat, and his cohort, Fandanial.

Your mission is to defeat these enemies and prevent a repeat of the cataclysm. The story begins relatively quietly, all things considered, as it establishes new areas and characters that you will return to often. Once a new chapter begins, the plot turns into a roller coaster of emotions and high stakes. It oscillates between building a rich world, character development, and engaging action scenes.



The game design is not perfect, but it is enough to maintain the atmosphere. The character design is also noteworthy.

Location Design

The game has many fascinating locations that you will explore during the game. These include the Charlayan Nation, the fields of Harlemald, warped by years of battle, the cold surface of the moon, and more. The locations have decent graphics and a cool atmosphere, which is not inferior to modern games, although the game runs on an old engine. The same can be said for the new dungeons in which you will have to fight. The updated dungeons contain some of the darkest and most beautiful backgrounds to date in the game.

Character Design 

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker character designs strike a balance between realism and thoughtful fantasy without being harsh. Furthermore, the new armor sets you can purchase for your character are high quality and individualized, allowing players to prove themselves.



New music for dungeons and raids adds to the tension. And when the plot slows down for deeper character development and interesting plot unfolding, the soundtrack gets into your soul with emotional melodies. There are also soft, atmospheric leads as you explore new areas to keep you immersed in the setting.


Pre-order and Collector's Edition 

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker release date was this year, and it's now out in the public domain on all known game sales sites. But if you had pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, you would have gotten some cool bonuses. 

The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker collector's edition costs $55 and includes three in-game items: an Arion mount, a Porom minion, and a death scythe. The scythe is a glamorous weapon that can only be used for the new Reaper profession.



The Final Fantasy series is wonderful, even decades later. The locations are filled with a huge number of quests and fascinating moments. And the characters are unique in their own way. It had a fascinating story and intense gameplay. It certainly has problems, but compared to the number of positives in this game, they are minor. 

If you are a fan of MMORPG and are looking for a game that can captivate you for more than one hour with its plot and original gameplay, then Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is for you.


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