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Halo will replace Starfield

10 months ago
Halo will replace Starfield

Does Xbox Series X have a new mascot franchise? This assumption appeared among gamers after frames from the future io game were assigned on the cover of the console. So, it is likely that Starfield is gradually replacing the Master Chief - the main character of the famous Halo multimedia game franchise - as the main mascot.

So, a few days ago, on January 16th, players noticed that an Xbox Series X owner in Keith had the popular new Starfield developed by Bethesda on the console's packaging. Usually, the packaging of the consoles showed the image of the Master Chief from the sci-fi game, but now everything has changed.

Of course, this may be only an insignificant detail that does not indicate anything. But perhaps the Starfield role-playing game is poised to replace Halo and become the leading franchise of the Xbox company.

Unfortunately, we still need a release date for Starfield. Previously, its release was scheduled for November last year. But something went wrong, and the novelty developers postponed the release to this year. We will see the game in about half a year or earlier.

Microsoft once spent $ 7.5 billion to acquire the developer company Bethesda. So it is unsurprising that the company will have such a talisman. Be that as it may, gamers are looking forward to the release of a video game that promises incredible adventures.


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