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Horizon Forbidden West Is Delayed Till 2022

2 years ago
Horizon Forbidden West Is Delayed Till 2022

Previous rumors about the postponing of Horizon Forbidden West are likely true. According to several reporters, Sony plans to release the game later than it planned. Despite there were no official announcements, the evidence of the facts suggests that we may not expect the release of the title this year.

Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel of successful Horizon Zero Dawn developed by Guerrilla Games and Sony. The previous game became very successful and for today, the number of copies sold of the title exceeds 10 million. Nevertheless, the upcoming continuation of the series still has no official release date, and it may not be released this year. There were a lot of rumors about the delay of the release, and now they seem pretty realistic.

Recently, Jason Schreier stated that his reputable source, which has a direct relation to the development of the game, confirmed that Sony won’t release it as it was planned primarily and for now it is going to release the game in Q1 2022. Schreier suggests that such a situation could be caused due the Covid 19 pandemic. The development of many games was slowed down and now the company can’t meet the set time frames.

Schreier is not a single reporter who has a lot of inside information and predicts the postponing of the release. According to Jeff Grubb, we may receive something new related to the Horizon Zero Dawn during PlayStation Direct. Nevertheless, Grubb stressed that there is still no official information, and all he knows don’t have considerable proves. Hence, there is a probability that Sony will release the game as it was planned before.

Another significant point related to the delay of the project is previous reports of Hermen Hulst, the head of the PlayStation gaming direction. He conceded the postponing back in June, so all fits. Nevertheless, the delay seems not to be very long and perhaps it may eventually become a good decision. A lot of titles were released with a lot of bugs and they received a lot of negative reactions from the fans and critics. Accordingly, the company has time to finish the game.

It was announced that Horizon Forbidden West will be an exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, a lot of players expect the game to appear on PC as well. A lot of major projects developed by Sony exclusively for consoles were released later for PC, so it’s quite possible. 


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