A Player Accidently Found How To Improve Far Cry 6 Performance

2 years ago
A Player Accidently Found How To Improve Far Cry 6 Performance

Even the owners of powerful PCs were faced with the poor performance of Far Cry 6 on PC, which caused a strong reaction from fans of the game. An enthusiast accidentally figured out how to improve the performance of Far Cry 6 on a PC at maximum graphics settings.

Far Cry 6 has recently been released on consoles and PC. Players set off to explore the world of a new game from Ubisoft, but PC players were faced with unstable frame rates. However, soon after, one of the players wrote a recommendation on Reddit. According to his method, it is enough to disable Ubisoft Connect and the performance will significantly improve. The player discovered such a feature by accident - they wanted to get rid of the "Low V-ram" notification and disabled the overlay for Ubisoft Connect.

As a result, it also had a positive effect on the performance of Far Cry 6. The frame rate was from 48-60 fps and went up to 60-70 fps, without falling below 60. The graphics settings were maximized and the frame rate limiting was disabled.

Ubisoft Connect is a service that connects Ubisoft games. It has communication and online co-op functions, as well as the ability to track game achievements. A similar problem was noticed with some other games using other services with the same functions. The company didn’t react to this problem yet, so it’s not clear if they plan to somehow fix such a problem.

To disable the Ubisoft Connect overlay, a user needs to go to the application settings and turn off the display of the overlay in supported games, and then completely re-enter Far Cry 6. Of course, the launcher will warn that some functions will not work correctly and will try to convince the user to leave the application active.

According to the latest reviews, there are not that many novelties and the game has no considerable changes making it different from the previous games from the series. A lot of fans expected new gameplay features and an unusual urban setting. 

In Far Cry 6, players are able to pet or feed animals, as well as set them on enemies to distract or kill. This feature was presented as a new one, but similar mechanics were partly available back in Far Cry 3 as well as the majority of the other features. However, the title features great graphics and quite an interesting plot. It seems like it’s enough to please a big part of the audience.

The game is already available for PCs, Xbox, and PS consoles.


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