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Halo Infinite Xbox Players Avoid Crossplay

2 years ago
Halo Infinite Xbox Players Avoid Crossplay

Despite the crossplay seems to be an excellent feature for multiplayer games, Halo Infinite Xbox players are not that happy and want to avoid it due to a big number of cheaters playing on PCs.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer release unexpectedly took place on November 15, but the game already has cheaters - even before the full release of the game. Thanks to the crossplay function, even Xbox players began to encounter them.

One of the popular streamers with the nickname DougisRaw met a dishonest player right on the broadcast. One of his teammates saw enemies through the walls and hid a second before the enemy appeared out of nowhere. Another player under the nickname ZlepOfficial discovered the cheater last week. The teammate shot very accurately, perfectly controlling the recoil and hitting the head. When asked about cheating, he replied that he was playing "with gamepad mode."

Halo Infinite does not have a built-in anti-cheat нуе, however, this is likely to change with the release of the game on December 8th. Otherwise, there will be too many cheaters and fans will begin to abandon the shooter.

The Internet is full of Xbox owners discussing the ability to enable crossplay function. Nevertheless, it’s impossible in beta and unlikely to be available on the release version. Although this fact, the game is well received by both critics and players.

Recently, a new trailer for the Halo Infinite story campaign has appeared on the network. In the video, heroes of different eras are courageously fighting for the lives of their loved ones - be it the most ancient times or the distant future with interstellar flights. A little later, Microsoft posted a small sequel to the first trailer. In it, the Master Chief fights a stern brutus and seemingly defeats a dangerous foe.

For the first time in the history of the series, the game became shareware, that is, the player did not have to buy the full version of the game for $ 60 or be a Game Pass and Gold subscriber. However, this “generosity” also comes with a price. Dataminers found all 88 paid bundles in the game files, including equipment and various skins worth around a thousand dollars. It seemed like a standard situation for a shareware project, but on Reddit, this topic received a lot of response, both among fans of the series and among newcomers.

On the evening of November 23rd, the Fracture: Tenrai event will begin in-game. This is a samurai event in which players can unlock new rewards for completing challenges and leveling up the Battle Pass.


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