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Indie game "Airoheart," inspired by the game "Zelda," will stir up memories

a year ago
Indie game

It is super news for fans of indie games. The   "Airoheart," inspired by the legendary game "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past," will give players a nostalgic experience. And it’s not bad at all to repeat the best, time-tested.

So, the developer company Pixel Heart does not hide the sources of its inspiration from fans. The company said that this brainchild is similar to the game "The Legend of Zelda". And the protagonist's adventures are similar to the exciting adventures of Link. Recall that the main character of “Zelda” once received a mysterious message from Princess Zelda, who appealed to him for help. As a result, the hero's uncle went to save the princess but was wounded and died. Fortunately, Link still managed to save the ruler from trouble. And this fascinating path to victory would be full of incredible dangers!

So, in the video trailer of the role-playing game "Airoheart" with elements of a fighting game and an action-packed action movie, you will also see aspects of retro television. The game perfectly imitates old commercials. The developers claim that the interesting story was created based on the Final Fantasy series. However,   “Zelda”  became the primary motivator for the creators. The delightful world of Engard was created with love, so the game novelty is worthy of the attention of fans.


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