Insider Leaked The Upcoming PS Plus Games

2 years ago
Insider Leaked The Upcoming PS Plus Games

One more time the list of the upcoming free titles for PS Plus was leaked before its official announcement. Previously, the company managed to keep new subscription projects secret, but recently, leaks still occur. 

PS Plus subscribers are waiting for the upcoming update of free PS Plus games as soon as September ends. There is good news for the subscribers as the free titles are already leaked and available on the Internet! Furthermore, it came from the source that several times provided true information about the future free titles, promotional offers, and so forth.

The French portal Dealabs has shared its new forecast for October. According to these details, players using the service from 2nd October to 2nd November will have access to Hell Let Loose for PlayStation 5, Mortal Kombat X (basic version, not XL), and PGA Tour 2K21 for PlayStation 4.

It is worth noting that the informant refers to his own sources. Although the user has previously leaked the September list of projects and provided a promo for the upcoming collection, the leak is just a rumor and there are no official confirmations yet.

Players around the globe are familiar with the extremely famous Mortal Kombat series as well as the PGA Tour with its reputation as one of the best sports simulators. However, Hell Let Loose seems something new and not too famous yet. Since 2019, it has been in Early Access, and only at the end of July of this year came out of it. Next-gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, the developers are going to release on October 5.

The game cannot be won as an action hero like Rambo - you have to work alongside 49 other teammates to defeat the enemy. You can run on foot or with the help of equipment - tanks, and artillery.

The official announcement of the selection will take place on Wednesday evening, September 29. It will be possible to download the games from October 5, 2021. At the moment, subscribers can download the projects of the September selection - Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, HITMAN 2, and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Mentioning PS Plus games, the developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are delighted to announce that Battle Royale is now a Guinness World Record. This is the most downloaded PS Plus game ever. The title is now available on PlayStation and PC. The developers promised to release the versions for Xbox and Nintendo Switch in the summer, but the date was eventually delayed.


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