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Is Spider-Man coming to PC?

9 months ago
Is Spider-Man coming to PC?

Remember Insomniac's loud statement that the awesome Spider-Man game will never appear on the computer? The company reported this at one time on Twitter in response to a fan who was interested in the fate of the novelty. But times are changing. As it turned out, contrary to their previous beliefs, the company did release two legendary Spider-Man games for PC play. State of Play Sony assures gamers that both exciting Spider-Man games will arrive on PC in late 2022. A lot of ironic comments about this situation appeared on the Internet. The company has previously confidently said that the game will be the ultimate PS4 exclusive and will never come to either Xbox or PC.

Of course, back then the company stuck to its word. But, fortunately, we will soon be able to enjoy the new products. Both highly anticipated games will likely see the world later this year. It remains only to guess what the developers will please us this time.

Marvel's Spider-Man game is a fascinating story about the brave hero Peter Parker, who, despite a busy personal life and career, was able to become a real professional in the fight against criminals in a huge metropolis - New York. Game developers will appreciate excellent graphics and special effects. Immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of the city, overwhelmed by the enmity between the hero and the intruders.


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