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It doesn't require you to start the game with Breath of the Wild

4 months ago
It doesn't require you to start the game with Breath of the Wild

You can safely move on to the continuation without worrying about missing something earlier. Play in random order, enjoying excellent gameplay, beautiful graphics, and great music. Great novelty Tears of the Kingdom is indeed a sequel to the game Breath of the Wild. However, you can play randomly. So, the developers have prepared a lot of exciting things for you. Hidemaro Fujibayashi, game director, and Eiji Aunoma shared fascinating details with fans.

An exciting video game will appeal to both beginners and experienced gamers. It's all about improved game mechanics. The developers were 100% convinced of the convenience of gamers. The director noticed that Breath of the Wild included a section dedicated to player character profiles. You can now access the stories of heroes at any time during the game. This unique feature will tell fans about their favorite game characters. So that everyone can learn everything that he needs. Profile information can stir up the most pleasant memories of your favorite characters in the game.

Nintendo has also ensured an engaging story-driven video that follows Link's adventures and other charismatic characters.

So, the long-awaited game  Tears of the Kingdom will be released tomorrow, May 12th. You'll see a beautifully redesigned Hyrule and learn a lot more.


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