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Images of Forza Motorsport leakage suggested a game version for Xbox One

8 months ago
Images of Forza Motorsport leakage suggested a game version for Xbox One

There are rumors about Forza Motorsport's upcoming version for Xbox One along with PC, Xbox Series X/S. The leakage of two images hinted at such a possibility. It pleased game fans as they had been anticipating a new release of a racing simulator since 2017.


The Forza developers, Turn 10 Studios, announced a new game in 2020 but didn't mention its title.


A Reddit user posted info that Motorsport's new version will be available for PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One too. Two attached screenshots of the possible game test confirmed this data. After that, he deleted his account.


Subreddit moderators defined the user and confirmed the originality of images. The fact that the playtest of the game was kicked off in April last year facilitated the belief.


Regardless of the possibility of posting any fakes on Reddit, OP insists on the legitimacy of photos and upcoming releases. However, there was a dispute because all playtest participants could not reveal the secret information about the new version. 


If you are confused about the absence of the Forza Motorsport installment on the Microsoft Store, developers withdrew it from sales in September last year.


The Turn 10 Studio stated that the game's "End of Life status" has come. However, the lucky owners of the physical and digital games can still enjoy playing after downloading.


So, no matter if the loud leakage is fake or true, fans are in anticipation of news, hoping to grasp more information about the Forza Motorsport game race.


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