Konami Has Presented New PES 2022 Demo for Owners of Consoles

2 years ago
Konami Has Presented New PES 2022 Demo for Owners of Consoles

Recently, Konami released a beta version of their future game PES 2022. Nevertheless, this demo wasn’t what players expected. The company wants only to test the online functionality of the game, so the main features of the title won’t be presented yet.

The new demo titled "New Football Game" became available for owners of consoles. However, its release hasn't followed any promotions or announcements. Moreover, the game seems very limited and unfinished. All the fans of the famous franchise were quite surprised, but Konami explained what was going on.

Players can join the beta now and the testing will run until July 8. There are not a lot of things to check in the demo as there is only a 1v1 matchmaking mode. Nevertheless, you can play with a user of any platform. In this way, PES 2022 will support cross-play. The company encourages players to don’t pay attention to the present state of the game and join the beta to identify the benefits and withdrawals of its online functions.

Konami stated that the demo is available on different platforms for now, but there wouldn't be any updates or communication with the fan base in the near future. The main target of this beta is to test and improve the performance of the online functions of the title. Consequently, it seems like it's not a real demo version and perhaps the true one will be presented much later.

Players won't receive a lot of new information about the future game playing this demo. Instead, they will become testers of its online mode that may become a great experience as well as help the company to develop a better product. Konami explains that the main gameplay features, graphics, and other details will be completely different in the official release version.

There are not many facts about the novelties of the upcoming title, but previously Konami confirmed the new engine for their project. PES 2022 is developing in Unreal. It's very interesting how the studio will use the advantages of this engine in their game.

Join the beta testing of the new PES! Despite there not being many things to check, you will help Konami to test the online features of the game and improve them in the feature. Also, it's a great possibility to check Unreal and compare it with Fox Engine, which was previously used in PES games. Even if the game would be changed a lot, participants of the beta could have an idea of the capacity of the project.


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