Large-scale asset leak from Valve's repository

a year ago
Large-scale asset leak from Valve's repository

Valve's "full repository" - a vast collection of resources from all of its video novelties, including the famous Team Fortress 2 and Half- - has been leaked to the Internet. For example, the Team Fortress 2 resource pack weighs 61 GB, and the leak, which includes information from Counter-Strike: Source and other famous video games, consists of thousands of different resources. The published files will be an absolute godsend for modders.

So, the famous Discord made the assets from the company's repository public. Note that such information leaks occur all the time. For example, secret conceptual images are found on the Internet now and then. But this case is remarkable in that the leak was super large.

Valve is a company famous for popular innovations in the gaming industry, such as Half-Life, Team Fortress, etc. Since video games go through a rather long development stage, as a rule, many different photos and documents accumulate, to which only a strictly limited circle of people should have access. Initiates include employees with a special license. But, unfortunately, this does little to prevent leaks. For example, in 2015, the company faced a colossal security breach on Steam. It is still being determined whether those who allowed the disclosure of data were specialists from this company.

So, exciting files are available to users through a Discord server called Valve Cut Content. They stopped accepting newcomers due to the massive influx of people who wanted to check the data. Probably such a large leak of information was a deliberate attack.

On January 4, a new Valve Event Upload list was found in SteamDB. 


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