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Life will be found on 10% of the planets in the chic action Starfield

3 months ago
Life will be found on 10% of the planets in the chic action Starfield

As it became known to the players from the chief of the project, on the procedurally generated game planets in the game, there will be manually created places. T. Howard said separate gaming places are manually created; some will not be located by chance.

There is a unique, pre-prepared game set, the places loaded when the character lands on a particular planet. In addition, life will be found on ten percent of the planets.

The project leader also emphasized that he wants fans to feel unique by finding something that has yet to be found. The design of the novelty is exceptionally detailed, well thought out, and complex, which makes the game unique. Fans are waiting for a lot of abandoned bases, towers, as well as unusual game items.

Recall that the action Starfield comes out September 6th on Xbox Series X/S and PC. The game is awaited with great anticipation. A role-playing action game created by Bethesda Game Studios promises players many adventures. The first new universe from the studio in 25 years is sure to impress gamers the best. At least now, we can see amazing shots demonstrating the game's gorgeous graphics.

Role-playing action tells about the events that unfold in the galaxy. The player must create a character and explore the vast world, enjoying complete freedom of movement. An unforgettable journey into the virtual world will unravel humanity's greatest mystery. So, the hero joins the latest space explorers trying to find rare artifacts throughout the galaxy. Fans have complete freedom of action in choosing a character, making the game extremely fun.


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