Like a Dragon Ishin: Yakuza Ishin Remake - no English dub

9 days ago
Like a Dragon Ishin: Yakuza Ishin Remake - no English dub

What is the reason for this decision? The producer said that the answer lies in the peculiarities of the game's plot. So, Like a Dragon: Ishin, a remake of Yakuza, which was previously only available in Japan, was presented at the Tokyo Game Show. Gamers met this event positively. As it became known, the game will be dubbed only in Japanese, not in English. But the gameplay will be supplemented with English subtitles. In an interview with one publication, the producer said that the specifics of this spin-off lie in the plot's features. The game intends to take players to the very heart of the great Bakumatsu era (1853 -1868), namely the period of its end.  According to the developers, this is the ideal solution. During an interview, producer Masayoshi Yokoyama noted that Western audiences tend to have a negative view of subtitled content. English-speaking players prefer dubbing. Even so, the game was received very positively. Longtime fans still opt for the Japanese version with English subtitles to hear the voices of their favorite in-game characters.

So, for this exciting remake, subtitles will be used, not dubbed. The manner of speaking in that distant era, about which the novelty narrates, was too difficult to translate. And the developers would like to recreate the unique atmosphere of antiquity. So, the game release is scheduled for February 21, 2023.


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