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Little Devil Inside Will Be Released Winter 2022

2 years ago
Little Devil Inside Will Be Released Winter 2022

The action-adventure game Little Devil Inside, announced back in 2015, by the Neostream team, still hasn't reached the hands of the players. And, judging by the new PlayStation video on Instagram, it will have to wait at least until winter 2022.

The video presents a line of upcoming indie titles for Sony consoles and Little Devil Inside got a release window for "winter 2022". Of course, the "winter" of 2022 can be somewhat subjective, given the seasonal differences on different sides of the equator - after all, this could even mean that the game will be released in January or February next year. But still, if we compare with the release dates of other projects in the same teaser, then we can assume that we will not see Little Devil Inside until the fourth quarter of 2022.

Little Devil Inside was first announced back in 2015 when the developers announced that their project would be released in the fall of 2016. However, the process of creating the title dragged on and many fans interested in the game managed to forget about its existence. In 2020, the adventure writing team re-established themselves at the PS5 Reveal Event. But just days after the show, the developers behind Little Devil Inside were forced to take to social media to apologize for "racist stereotypes" and "stereotypical overtones" in the design of some of the enemies in the game.

Little Devil Inside takes place in a Victorian world, inhabited by monsters and other mysterious creatures. The main character named Billy will travel to different biomes, explore an open, diverse world, and also satisfy his needs.

The studio promises a big open world full of different interesting activities, diverse transport, and mounts including cars, animals, and so forth. And of course, a player will meet numerous exciting tasks that sometimes can be extremely dangerous but still fun!

Little Devil Inside looks very stylish. Neostream Interactive has taken an excellent benchmark - their project promises to be very unusual for the current video game market. Players will find an excellent mix of interesting and dynamic gameplay with an exciting fantasy setting.

A professor at a local university hires the main character to help sort out the paranormal phenomena that are often happening lately. At first, they are considered safe, but as the story progresses, a lot of new and secrets will open up for the player.


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