Lots of new features in Final Fantasy XIV: Buried Memory

a month ago
Lots of new features in Final Fantasy XIV: Buried Memory

The release of the update took place on August 23rd. And the developer company Square Enix decided to post a patch note. As a result, gamers can find out the most interesting details about the future novelty and be delighted with what they saw.

So, in the popular Final Fantasy XIV, you will find a lot of exciting content, and a couple of new exciting quests.

We also draw your attention to the Island Sanctuary. The current function allows you to create a unique shelter on a mysterious island. Here you can build, find various resources, raise animals, and also engage in farming. So, build a farm and earn money. Place forty minion pets on the island. We are sure that the guests of your farm will be pleased with the sights they see.

Also, in the game, you will find amazing Pandaemonium dungeons: Abyssos and The Fell Court of Troia.

In Island Sanctuary you will see new game systems in the style of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. We also note that some players reached the maximum rank of 10 Sanctuary. It happened just a day after the launch of the patch, on August 24th.

Travel through exciting gaming locations and enjoy the chic gameplay of the novelty.


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