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Modders Overcome Achievement Restrictions in Starfield

24 days ago
Modders Overcome Achievement Restrictions in Starfield

In Starfield, the most recent release from Bethesda, players can enjoy using mods without jeopardizing their in-game accomplishments. Much like in earlier Bethesda games, Starfield initially hinders the attainment of achievements when specific mods or the command console come into play. Nonetheless, modders have uncovered a resolution.


Modder Conflict: Battle From the Beginning

The friction between Bethesda and the committed Starfield modding community ignited with the game's early access launch, as demonstrated by Synth Potato's tweet on September 1st. In reaction, a NexusMods user named Priqrade introduced a modification that skillfully circumvented Bethesda's achievement limitations. This solution operated seamlessly for the majority of players. Another modder, Rennieboy, stepped up, offering comprehensive instructions that have subsequently earned acknowledgment from modders interested in achieving in-game accomplishments.


Passing the Torch: Shad0wshayd3's "Baka Achievement Enabler"

In the dynamic universe of Starfield, modder Shad0wshayd3 has assumed control of the "SFSE Baka Achievement Enabler" with the support of Rennieboy. This ingenious tweak reinstates achievements using console commands while eliminating bothersome pop-up notifications. Importantly, uninstalling the mod or installing future updates will maintain your saved game progress. Users hail its dependability, frequently labeling it as "remarkably flawless." The adjustment effortlessly harmonizes with fresh and pre-existing saved game files when users adhere to the installation guidelines.


Legacy Lives On: Modders Bring Back Achievements

This isn't the first time modders have resurrected achievements in Bethesda games. Mods for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 gained popularity. Shad0wshayd3's mod is on a similar trajectory, with over 21,000 downloads in just two days, providing a mod-friendly achievement experience for Starfield players.



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